The Author

My name is Annabelle - Belle for short.  I'm a 20-something young professional born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland.  I graduated from Visitation and left the area for college.  After graduating from Villanova, I decided to move back to the DMV (DC-MD-VA).  I currently work in DC, but moonlight as a beauty blogger (with the occasional mix of random stuff).  My ultimate career goal is to work in the health field, but I also hope that I can also work on one of my favorite hobbies, writing.

When I'm not working, studying, or blog writing, I love to read, shop, volunteer (member of Greater DC Cares), watch sports (love my DC teams and my 'Nova Wildcats!), try new restaurants, and spend time with my family and friends.  

The Blog

Sweet Blushes (formerly known as MakeUp Actually) started in May 2010 and stems from my love of makeup, health, and personal wellness.  It's basically my outlet to write about what I love.  Sweet Blushes is mainly a beauty blog, but I hope to incorporate other things in the near future.  This blog is not just about looking good on the outside, but it's about feeling good about yourself too!  You can follow me here, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thank you for visiting :)


The Disclosure

Content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliates, any public relations firms, or brands.
Sweet Blushes does not offer any warranties as to the product's effectiveness or quality. All posts are solely based on personal experiences and opinions.  When trying new products, keep in mind your own personal health (i.e. allergies, sensitivity to ingredients).  You know yourself the best, so if something concerns you (i.e. ingredient in a product), consult a physician or health provider.