Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #2 Origins Peace of Mind
Happy Holidays!  Merry Christmas!

Yea, I know I didn't finish my top 10 before Christmas.  But I'm finishing it now hopefully before New Year's.  On the bright side, you can look at the final two as gifts for yourself!  It's okay to be selfish now, and hopefully with some holiday gift cards/money, you'll find my top 10 handy!

At number two is Origins Peace of Mind on-the-spot relief.  Perfect right after all the holiday stress?  All you need is one pump from the bottle, and you dab a little on your temples or back of the neck and give a gentle rub into your skin.  I like to put a little right underneath the nose (like you do with Vick's vapor rub when you're sick with a cold).  It's got a strong peppermint scent to it, which diffuses quite quickly so it's not overpowering - just right.

For a tiny bottle, it sure takes a load off and lasts a long time; in fact, I bought my bottle months ago and still using it!  I like to use it right before I go to bed.  Give yourself some peace of mind post-holiday season and pick up a bottle!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #3 From Instagram to Stickgram

Excuse the poor lighting.  My magnets appear a lot brighter.
Since it's Wednesday, I decided to make this nifty product my number three on my Holiday list as well as my Potpourri Wednesday post.  Stickygram is a website that works with Instagram to create magnets from your Instagram photos!  They're made in sets of nine (see photo) and measure approximately 2in x 2in (50mm x 50mm), about the same size as they appear on an iPhone.  The cost of one set of nine magnets is 14.99, which includes airmail shipping!  It took about 6 days to get to me.  With that said, it might be a little late for Christmas gift giving, but hey, who said you had to stop giving gifts on Christmas day?  The site also offers gift certificates to send to photo-loving loved ones!

It's easy to do:
1.  Go to and sign in using your Instagram account.
2.  Once you see all your photos, simply click add as you scroll over each photo.
3.  Check out and pay.  Done!

My first set (and definitely not my last) set of Stickygrams!
If you've been reading some of my recent posts, I've been using the Instagram app on my iPod touch to take my blog photos.  With Instagram, you can change the look and feel of your photos just by selecting from a variety of filters.  You can make your photo look darker, have a border, look vintage, to name a few.  Once you've done that, you can share your photos with the Instagram community  as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blogs.  Stickygram is just one more way to share your photos.  As you can see, my first set consisted of inanimate objects.  I hope to take more photos of family and friends and giving these magnets as gifts!

Arrived by Airmail.  Shipping is included in the cost!
The envelope was well packaged (no bending) and fit right
in my mailbox!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #4 LUSH's Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar

This is crunch time, so let's get straight to what's next on the Holiday 2011 list of favorite things.  At number four is LUSH's Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar.  I'm not too big on body glitter/shimmer, at least not since middle school and early high school, but this product is amazing.  It gives off a subtle shimmer with a light rub, or if you want to shimmer out, just rub a little more on you.  After applying it, you almost forget you're wearing body shimmer.  I remember some body glitter/shimmer products that would be wet for awhile after you applied it, and by the end of the night, the area felt icky and maybe a little sticky.  Shaped like a heart, this sparkle bar has a light vanilla lavendar scent - who doesn't love a little aromatherapy?  It also offers a little moisturizing and lasts all night long.  Lush is known for their fresh organic ingredients in ALL their products (sometimes combined with safe synthetics and essential oils).  So, if you haven't tried their products, I highly recommend starting with this fun little bar.  The bar doesn't come with a case or packaging (they follow a green policy!), but I just store this bar in one of Lush's yellow paper bags in a dry cool place on my dresser; the bar holds up just fine!

Just under seven bucks, Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar makes for a lovely affordable gift!  It's also a great way to glam up your office outfit for your post-work holiday party.  Check out Lush's website for store locators.  You can also order their products online!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #5 Laura Mercier Book of Nudes

Christmas is just one week away!  Are you ready?  At number five is Laura Mercier's Book of Nudes palette (Limited Edition).  Since the success of Urban Decay's NAKED palette, several cosmetic lines have followed suit and created their own version of a premier nude/natural eyeshadow palette.  What I love about LM's Book of Nudes is that it includes a cheek, glow, and bronzer veil, as well as a dark espresso shadow that can be used as an eyeliner.  The glow veil is great for inner eye, high cheek or under eyebrow highlighting.  Also, the 'Buff' eyeshadow is the perfect shade for an overall sweep over the eyelids.  One of my favorite shades is Bamboo (luster finish/golden brown shimmer).  I like that the eyeshadows are a good mix of shimmer, matte, and glitter.

All this is encased in a cute faux snakeskin pattern cover.  The only thing this palette is missing is a brush or two like they did for the Luxe Colour Portfolio.  But I'll take the space for a decently sized mirror.  Basically, this palette is practical to take on your holiday travels, because it's complete with just the essentials to create a subtle or dramatic look.

Swatches from left to right:
Sandstone (sateen finish/pale peachy pink),
Tiger's Eye (sequin finish/sparkling chocolate brown),
Baroque (sateen finish/warm terra-cotta),
Fresco (matte finish/neutral beige brown),
Granite (matte finish/smoky gray),
Cocoa Brown (sateen finish/shimmering brown)
Swatches (with flash)
Love the faux snakeskin cover!

This set contains:
- 8 x 0.03 oz Eye Colours in Buff (matte finish/ soft neutral cream), Tiger's Eye (sequin finish/ sparkling chocolate brown), Sandstone (sateen finish/ pale peachy pink), Bamboo (luster finish/ golden brown shimmer), Baroque (sateen finish/ warm terracotta), Fresco (matte finish/ neutral beige brown), Granite (matte finish/ smoky gray), Cocoa Brown (sateen finish/ shimmering brown)
- 1 x 0.04 oz Tightline Cake Liner in Ground Espresso (universal black-brown)
- 3 x 0.02 oz Crème Veils in Bronzer Veil (universal bronze), Cheek Veil (matte rose peach), Glow Veil (radiant neutral beige shimmer)


Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #6 Truth To Go

Taken with Lemeleme app.
Christmas is almost here!  Seriously, where did the time go?!  Well at number six is Old Henriksen's truth to go wipes!  You're thinking wipes for a gift?  I know I would appreciate them, but if you're unsure, this would be a nice supplement to a gift or great stocking stuffer.  These wipes are awesome!  They're great for those of you that hit the gym and need to quickly wipe off your makeup.  They work great for post-workouts too.  I like to use them for touch-ups during the day.  Sometimes I need to change up my eyeshadow or touch up my mascara for happy hour/dinner after work.  It's just easier to use these wipes to wipe the eye makeup off and start again.  The travel size is perfect to take with you on your holiday travels, especially those long flights.

Old Henriksen's truth to go wipes have a citrus scent to them and doesn't leave your face dry .  It's quite refreshing and leaves your face looking and feeling clean.  They really work on the toughest makeup to remove (i.e. mascara).  Save a few drugstore brands, most makeup remover wipes leave that layer of residue that makes you feel your face isn't completely wiped clean.  The label says they're "age-defying"; I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to notice with this claim, but as far as everything else, these wipes get it done - and that's the truth!

They come in a travel size (10 wipes for $6) or the regular size (30 wipes for $15).  You might think they're quite pricey for makeup/cleansing wipse, but I think they're worth the few extra bucks.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Secret Santa with Elfster!

For Potpourri Wednesday, I thought I'd share a really useful website for the holiday season (sorry for posting on Thursday).  The website is, and it's for organizing a Secret Santa with family and friends.  Instead of scheduling a meeting where everyone has to be present to pick a name out of a hat, you just use e-mail addresses.  First, you create an account, then you create the 'Exchange' - participants, date, time, place, monetary limit.  Then you gather all the email addresses and send them.  Once everyone has accepted your invitation to join the Secret Santa exchange (you set a deadline), the names are drawn electronically, and you're notified of the person you got.  This is really useful for those family members who are far away, but plan on coming to your Christmas gathering.

Neat, right?!  It gets better.  You can help your Secret Santa with finding a gift by creating a Wish List, straight from the Elfster website.  If you can't find what you want in their Shop tabs, you can post a link to the gift you like.  You can also say what you don't need/want (i.e. coffee mugs, because you have so many).

As a Secret Santa, you can ask anonymous questions to your person.  You can ask the questions provided or create your own questions (i.e. What are your top 3 favorite stores?).  This site is so awesome; I just wished I had thought of it myself lol.  This year, I'm participating in a Secret Santa exchange with some cousins.  I'm so excited!

And for those of you with smartphones, there's an elfster app!  I downloaded it free for my ipod touch!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #7 True Blue Spa

Taken with Instagram
I'll be honest, Bath and Body Works was my go-to store in high school.  I remember trying on so many scents and spending a lot of allowance money here.  During the holidays, it was definitely my go-to store for last-minute gifts.  It still is actually.  It's one of those stores where you can always find something quick, but yet very useful gifts for family and friends without breaking the bank.  Since my high school days, Bath and Body Works has come a long way in producing quality products at very reasonable prices.  Who doesn't love mixing and matching those anti-bacterial gels and the cases?!

Anyway, holding down the seven spot is Bath and Body Works' True Blue Spa 'Look Ma New Hands' Super-Softening Hand Lotion.  The lotion has a very light refreshing citrus scent.  So for your male friends, the scent is guy-friendly!  It doesn't leave my hands greasy or sticky.  It takes a hot minute for the formula to absorb, but once it does, your hands feel amazing!  Your hands look so polished afterwards!  This is perfect for the wintry months where hands can easily get dry.  It even moisturizes the cuticles, especially when you can't get to a nail salon right away.  I simply can't get enough of this lotion.  This would be a fantastic stocking stuffer.  Check out the holiday gift set.  It's a great deal!

Photo: True Blue Spa Hand Gift Set