Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #6 Truth To Go

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Christmas is almost here!  Seriously, where did the time go?!  Well at number six is Old Henriksen's truth to go wipes!  You're thinking wipes for a gift?  I know I would appreciate them, but if you're unsure, this would be a nice supplement to a gift or great stocking stuffer.  These wipes are awesome!  They're great for those of you that hit the gym and need to quickly wipe off your makeup.  They work great for post-workouts too.  I like to use them for touch-ups during the day.  Sometimes I need to change up my eyeshadow or touch up my mascara for happy hour/dinner after work.  It's just easier to use these wipes to wipe the eye makeup off and start again.  The travel size is perfect to take with you on your holiday travels, especially those long flights.

Old Henriksen's truth to go wipes have a citrus scent to them and doesn't leave your face dry .  It's quite refreshing and leaves your face looking and feeling clean.  They really work on the toughest makeup to remove (i.e. mascara).  Save a few drugstore brands, most makeup remover wipes leave that layer of residue that makes you feel your face isn't completely wiped clean.  The label says they're "age-defying"; I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to notice with this claim, but as far as everything else, these wipes get it done - and that's the truth!

They come in a travel size (10 wipes for $6) or the regular size (30 wipes for $15).  You might think they're quite pricey for makeup/cleansing wipse, but I think they're worth the few extra bucks.

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