Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #7 True Blue Spa

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I'll be honest, Bath and Body Works was my go-to store in high school.  I remember trying on so many scents and spending a lot of allowance money here.  During the holidays, it was definitely my go-to store for last-minute gifts.  It still is actually.  It's one of those stores where you can always find something quick, but yet very useful gifts for family and friends without breaking the bank.  Since my high school days, Bath and Body Works has come a long way in producing quality products at very reasonable prices.  Who doesn't love mixing and matching those anti-bacterial gels and the cases?!

Anyway, holding down the seven spot is Bath and Body Works' True Blue Spa 'Look Ma New Hands' Super-Softening Hand Lotion.  The lotion has a very light refreshing citrus scent.  So for your male friends, the scent is guy-friendly!  It doesn't leave my hands greasy or sticky.  It takes a hot minute for the formula to absorb, but once it does, your hands feel amazing!  Your hands look so polished afterwards!  This is perfect for the wintry months where hands can easily get dry.  It even moisturizes the cuticles, especially when you can't get to a nail salon right away.  I simply can't get enough of this lotion.  This would be a fantastic stocking stuffer.  Check out the holiday gift set.  It's a great deal!

Photo: True Blue Spa Hand Gift Set http://bit.ly/uUGJFy

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