Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday 2011 - #8 Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set

Next up on my Holiday List at the eight spot is Too Faced Shadow Brushes Essential 3 Piece Set!  This set features a Liner/Smudger, Lid/Smoker, and a Crease/Blender.  It also includes instructions on how to use each brush.

At the retail price of $39 (plus tax), that's about $13 per brush.  If you frequent stores like Sephora or Ulta, professional shadow brushes can cost anywhere between $14-20 each (more if you go for the fancier collections)!  So I think this is a steal.  They come in a cute slim case, so it keeps them separate from the rest of your brushes.  In fact, the case can fit about 1-2 more brushes depending on their size(s).  As you can see from the photos, the case can stand alone on your dresser for easy access!

Too Faced exclusively uses "Teddy Bear Hair", which are synthetic hair bristles that are super soft and blends your favorite eyeshadows really well.  I used all three on Thanksgiving day, and I thought they blended my shadows really well.  What's great about synthetic bristles is that they are easier for applying and blending, as well as easier to clean!
Here are the three pretty brushes with instructions on how to use
them with your eyeshadows.

The case is adorable that you probably just need a cute bow and it's ready to give away (or keep for yourself).  This is also perfect for your holiday travels!

I used the brushes for the time getting ready for Thanksgiving 2011.
I forgot to take a photo of my eyelids, but I just thought I'd share this
photo anyway.  Gobble gobble!
Taken with Instagram

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