Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Excited over X'ed Out (Updated!)

This past Spring, I won a Giveaway on a friend's fashion blog, My Fashion Juice.  One of the items in the Giveaway was X'ed Out Cream by Strip: Ministry of Waxing NYC.  This stuff is amazing!  I use this after using one of Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads (my next post!).  It does not contain alcohol, which can irritate sensitive skin.  But it does contain ingredients such as Bromelain, a pineapple enzyme that prevents inflammation; Vitamin A, which prevents ingrown hairs by opening the follicles; and tea tree to calm irritated skin.  It looks like a thick product like a lotion (which you are not supposed to use on newly waxed areas!).  But when applied, it's more like a light topical cream that glides on easily on the skin.  It even has a sweet scent to it, but not like perfume (because that would contain alcohol).  I applied a little to newly shaved areas on my leg, and it works great there too.  This is definitely a MUST-HAVE.  Post-Brazilian waxing, I applied the product twice a day every other day.

Unfortunately, you can't buy this at a local salon or beauty store.  I guess I'll be making a trip to NYC soon, seeing as I plan on getting more Brazilians/bikini waxes in the future.  If anyone knows where this product can be bought, please let me know!  Or maybe my NYC friends can send some down to Maryland. ;)

OK, I totally overlooked the fact that there's a SHOP ONLINE link on their website.  So, I retract my statement that you can only buy in their salon in New York City.  X'ed Out is just a few clicks away!


  1. Hi Sweet Blushes! It's available on the Strip website-- www.strip-usa.com. Come visit us soon in NYC! xoxo Strip: Ministry of Waxing

  2. Oh my gosh, I must have missed the 'Shop Online' link. THANKS FOR COMMENTING!!! Will have to update the post :)