Friday, September 23, 2011

Kick off the first weekend of Fall 2011

I'm finally getting into the swing of things for the Fall semester, so expect a little more activity on the blog.  Sorry, for leaving you hanging.  Anyway, I thought I'd keep this post short and sweet.  Below are a few deals as well some new products to check out as we officially start the Fall season!

1.  Chanel is offering complimentary shipping (no minimum purchase!).  Check out their Blue Jeans nail polish line.  I really like the Blue Rebel shade!  Promo code is 0911WELCOMEFALL

2. Bath and Body Works has a 4 for $15 of 6 for $20 on Foaming Hand Soaps.  My new favorite scent for the Fall - Orchard Leaves!  The scent is a blend of apple, cinnamon, and cider.  It's very refreshing, crisp like the autumn air; any guy(s) in the house will appreciate it because it's not too girly or fruity.  The discount is a great deal, especially if you have several rooms in your house that need restocking for the holiday season!

3. Kate Spade is having FREE ground shipping (no minimum amount!).  Check out their new lipstick line, Supercalifragilipstick!  Catchy name and attractive shades!,default,sc.html

Celebrate the Fall season by treating yourself to something that will carry you through the Fall season!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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