Monday, September 27, 2010

Winner of the Summer-Fall Giveaway Contest

I tripled check every social site (blog, fb, twitter) to make sure all entries were entered correctly and accounted for.  I did keep a running tally both on Facebook and on the giveaway blog post so that you could also see if I missed one of your entries at any point during the last few weeks.  In accordance to the rules of the contest, below are the official entries from August 23 - September 26, 2010.  Thanks for participating!  A huge welcome to all new followers, especially those who jumped right into the giveaway contest. 

1. Christina Pinder
2. Jenn Shin
3. Jenn Shin
4. Victoria Le
5. Victoria Rom
6. Victoria Rom
7. Victoria Rom
8. Ana Belen
9. Ana Belen
10. Ana Belen
11. Thifa
12. Thifa
13. CelyFrenchie
And the winner is...Entry #3 - Jenn Shin!  Congratulations!  I'll contact you shortly on how to get your prize to you.  I already have another contest lined up for Fall/Winter, so be on the lookout :)