Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Nail Color for the Winter Season

Metro Chic Nail Color  - Sephora by OPI
Retail Price: $9.00
Where to find: Exclusively made for Sephora, so only at Sephora stores or

During Sephora's VIB insider party, I decided to use my exclusive discount to find a nail color of the holiday season.  I normally stick to my array of reds and one of my OPI favorites, Black Cherry Chutney, but I was really drawn to this gray-purple shade called Metro Chic made by OPI for Sephora.  Metro Chic is one many colors only made exclusively for Sephora. When I tested it, it looks gray, but at a different angle or against my dark purple Longchamp bag, it had a hint of purple/violet.  Since purple is one of the season's colors this year, I thought this color was a great way to compliment the different shades of purple.  From what I've read of reviews on Sephora and fashion magazines, this shade is one this year's trends!

So, go ahead join the trend, or add this to your Christmas/Holiday wish list ;)

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  1. I love this color perfect for the winter times!