Friday, April 20, 2012

A True Beauty Quick Fix - BB Cream

I LOVE Smashbox BB Cream [period].  It is a moisturizer (with SPF), primer, foundation all in one.  The BB stands for "beauty balm", and it is really trending right now since its debut in Asia.  Clinique, Too Faced, Boscia, and Smashbox are just a few names who have come out with their very own BB cream.  I'm currently using Smashbox's BB Cream in Light.  You might think, BB cream is just a moisturizer with a different name.  Oh but Smashbox's BB cream is a tinted cream formula that does so much more.  It primes your face, provides some moisture with SPF 35; and it's matte cream formula helps control oils.  The formula is very light on this skin.  It doesn't feel heavy like a lot of tinted moisturizers out there can feel.  Because of the multi-tasking formula, I'm putting less product on my face.  I can eliminate moisturizer and primer!  Since we're still in winter and my face easily dries if I ever skip a day without moisturizer, I still apply just enough for a very light coverage before applying the BB cream.

This BB cream provides light to medium coverage, but it produces a smooth photo finish.  If you're used to heavy canvas coverage, you can top the BB cream with a light foundation powder.  I often do this if I want a real photo finished look, but for an everyday work look, the BB cream alone as my foundation works just fine.  Because it doesn't give a heavy coverage, I still advise using your concealer if you need to brighten up or cover up anything on your face.  Smashbox's description states that it also conceals, but I think that depends on how much you, as the user, need to conceal.  For example, I have dark circles under my eyes, and the BB cream, while provides some coverage, doesn't quite conceal the dark circles as an actual heavy grade concealer would.

The Smashbox BB cream costs $39 for a 1oz. tube.  It is a little steep for the amount that you get, but if you think about some of the products you can remove from your daily facial/makeup routine, I think it's worth the money.  I like the Smashbox's version because they do offer several shades.

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