Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I heart tarte :)

Tarte Blush in Blissful :)
A few weekends ago, I went to Sephora for my complimentary makeover (VIB exclusive).  One of the brands she introduced me to was tarte cosmetics - Amazonian clay 12-hour blush and Park Avenue Princess waterproof bronzer.  Leaving the store, I was already loving the color of the blush and the subtle bronzer shade she used on me.  I was so tempted to buy them right there, but I waited a day to see the effect of its wear throughout the day. 
The blush stayed put, and the bronzer was just the hint of sun that I needed.  I bought the products the next day :)

I've always been a fan of NARS blush in Orgasm.  I love the color and the subtle shimmer (not glitter).  But at the end of the day, it's practically gone!  I had noticed that if you touch your cheek, the blush seems to rub off.  I really do like the shimmer glow that it gives, which is why I'm going to keep it around if I want to add just a hint of shimmer to my blush.  According to the Sephora makeup artist, NARS blush has great colors; but when applied, it sits like a totally separate layer on top of the foundation, which is why it rubs off very easily.  And if you have oily skin, well, you can forget about any blush really sticking because the oils allow for any makeup to slide off your face.  What I love about tarte's Amazonian clay blush is that it's waterproof, and its natural ingredients are healthy for all skin types.  And I find it blends well with my foundation, like it sticks to the foundation (and apparently your skin), so no rub offs!  I have it in Blissful (a light pink/peach), which is quite close to NARS Orgasm.  And tarte's blush is cheaper than NARS by two bucks (for the budget-minded:)).  Tarte offers eight different shades for their award-winning blush.

Amazonian clay helps to absorb oil and keep skin hydrated; both features is what enables the 12-hour blush to stay longer on your beautiful face :)
This photo was taken about four hours after application.
Still staying strong (even after taking a final exam and dealing with a cold)!
I usually have my makeup on for approximately nine hours during a normal work day (I take off my makeup when I hit the gym, which is usually right after work).  Also, the color is so rich that you really don't need a whole lot for application.  For $25, at least it will last long before you need to refill!  It blends very well with different foundations; so far, I've used it on top of a tinted liquid moisturizer and powder foundations.  With either foundation, I found that this blush absorbs and blends right in, creating a smooth and even appearance.  Sometimes, blushes, after applies, literally look like a separate layer of makeup.  Blush should really just bring out your natural blush or just add a flush of color naturally.  The vitamins and other skin-nourshing ingredients add to the appeal.

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