Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jimmy D's Griddle Sticks

Ahh, I'm one day late on my Potpourri Wednesday post!  It's graduation time on GW's campus, and my Department's been pretty busy.
I came across Jimmy  D's Griddle Sticks in one of my daily e-mails from Hungry Girl
If you haven't signed up yet, I highly recommend it.  Whether you're a health freak or just trying to shave off a few pounds, she offers great tips and recipes for healthy meals and snacks.  You can also find Hungry Girl on the Food Network.

Working in D.C., buying breakfast (and lunch) can be very costly.  If I didn't plan ahead and had to buy breakfast and lunch, I can easily spend $20, if not a little more with tax.  Times that by an average of 3 (out of 5 days), that's $60!  And I usually get sandwiches, soups, and/or salads - nothing fancy.  I can buy more at the grocery store with $60.  With that said, I'm always looking for healthy eats for the working days, without breaking the bank or sacrificing taste.  Jimmy D's Griddle Sticks are awesome, and perfect on-the-go breakfast meal.  It's turkey sausage wrapped in a pancake; it's like a corn dog, but with breakfast foods!  To cook one, just microwave for about 50-55 sec.  For the calorie-conscious, you'll be pleased as well: 7g protein and 6g fat!

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