Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't forget your SPF and towel!

Memorial Day weekend is one of the long weekends I look forward to because it's the unofficial beginning of summer, without it actually being summer yet.  School's out (for most), and if you work in an office like mine, we start "summer" hours, which basically means shortened Fridays (provided that you complete all essential tasks before heading out).

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Memorial Day weekend also means pools and trips to the beach!  So, don't forget your SPF.
I'm a huge fan of Neutrogena's line of SPF products. 
It's not to creamy and heavy; it's affordable (local drugstores!), and it does its job!  I like Neutrogena's Wet Skin Sunblock Spray SPF 30 (also offered in 50 and 85).  Sprays are easy to
apply, and this one in particular finds its way through wet skin for easy re-application!

Photo Image: Roxy
Photo Image: Roxy
You'll also need a towel to bring with you to the pool or beach.  This one from Roxy has a cool tribal pattern with bright colors!  Just roll it out, and when you're done, just roll it back up.  It has a handle attached for easy carry!

The towel feature was going to be my Potpourri Wednesday post, but I thought I would combine SPF and beach towel together :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  And if you know or or pass by military service men and women, be sure to thank them!

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