Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Benefit's CORALista

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Before becoming a a fan of tarte's Amazonian clay blush, I was a loyal fan of NARS and Benefit blushes.  I figured I'd backtrack and give you a review of Benefit's CORALista, before I toss it in the trash (It's about three years old and haven't used it in months).  I'm a huge fan of anything peachy-pink or pinky-peach, mainly because it works well with my light brown (yellow undertone) skin.  I was attracted to Benefit's CORALista because, like their Hoopla, I loved the box!  Yes, I fall for anything that looks pretty on the outside.  As much as the box is so pretty, its design isn't the most efficient.  One too many parts.  I like things to be simple like a compact with a hidden brush tucked underneath the powder.  Now if you look at the photo, they've made two new adjustment - adding a hinge to the cover so there's less separate parts and a mirror!

But more on what it's inside.  The color is amazing!  Not only is the color amazing, but it was a fresh scent to it.  I loved using it in the spring and summer months.  One of its flaws is that it's not a long-wear type of blush, especially once I was outside in the heat.  Makeup is never really perfect once you're in the heat, but somehow we are always hopeful, lol.  I do like that the box comes with it's own brush, so it's perfect to carry with you for a quick touch-up; but, the second flaw is that the brush is quite stiff.  Also, I find that when applied, it looks like its own separate layer; it doesn't blend well with the foundation.

For the budget-minded beauty junkies, CORALista is $28 and comes in a box, albeit a very cute box (with a brush).  My new blush, tarte's 24-hour Amazonian clay costs $25 and comes in a compact with a mirror (no brush).  Not a huge difference in price.

I'm still a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics, and their boxed powders are good - for example, Hoola is one of my favorite matte bronzers!  I just happened to find something better for an everyday blush.  I hope Benefit can find a way to make their blushes last longer and blend better with the other face makeup.

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