Thursday, June 30, 2011

LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration

A few months ago, I was one of the winners of a Spring Giveaway hosted by My Fashion Juice!  It included a number of awesome items, including one LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration Lift & Fix High Potency Solution.  I hadn't heard of LIFTLAB until I received my prize.   The scientists behind LIFTLAB discovered a protein found in plants and animals in the Arctic.  This protein helps these organisms survive the harsh cold and dry climates of the arctic environment.  They call it the Cell Protection Protein, and combined with antioxidants and vitamins, this solution does quite a lot!  If you want to read more about the studies and history of LIFTLAB, click here!  The Lift & Fix is basically a serum that helps protect your skin from the elements, like harsh climates and UV rays, improves your skin's natural barrier, and promotes skin cell renewal.  I'm turning 28 soon, and although I don't really feel compelled
to add a complete anti-aging skincare line to my routine, I think starting off with a solution/serum such as this one is a good way to get my daily dose of prevention!  After all, whether you're 18 or almost 30, we're constantly aging.  Don't procrastinate!  (My mantra during my summer class, lol)

Its retail price is $85.00 for 3.4 oz.  It's the most expensive product I own (although I didn't actually pay for it since it was a prize), but given the in-depth science behind their products and all the other active ingredients, I think it's worth giving a try.   I've already used it for the last couple weeks; although I don't analyze my skin under a microscope, I can see and feel that my skin looks relatively healthier.  And I believe when skin is healthy, the less coverage makeup you need to use for all those little imperfections.  I used to suffer from either my skin looking dull or dull and oily.  It's a potent serum, so I use one generous pump of serum every morning.  I generally use a patting motion all over the face when applying.  Every now and then, I've applied it at night too (I'm trying to make the product last as long as possible :)).  I would love to try their eye cream next since I suffer from dark circles and dry skin around my eyes.

Their products are only sold in select cities right now, but you can purchase them through their website!  What would we do without online shopping?! 
The Cell Protection Protein comes from fish!  Read more about

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