Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun-Sized Hand Lotion

The EOS hand lotion next to my Coach card wallet.
Just like those addicting fun-sized chocolates during Halloween, you will enjoy this fun-sized hand lotion by EOS!  I'm really loving EOS products now.  I just blogged about their Smooth Sphere Lip Balm earlier this week, and already, I'm blogging about their handy dandy Everyday Hand Lotion in Cucumber!  At 1.5oz., it's small and slim and holds a good enough amount of product.  
I love the Cucumber scent as it gives quite the refreshing scent and feel.  The price tag is $3.99 (plus tax).  Now, that might seem a bit steep considering many drugstores sell travel size hand lotions (approximately 1oz) for as low as $0.99-1.99.  But not many products can say that theirs is natural and organic; and not many can fit so effortlessly in your wristlet or clutch!  I'm a huge fan of Bath & Body Works "Look Ma, New Hands" lotion, but their travel size is still pretty bulky.  Never fits in any of my wristlets/clutches.  So, on a night out on the town, I usually have to leave it in the car or make sure I apply some before I leave the house.  I've been very impressed with EOS products, especially for the innovative way they package their products!

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