Monday, June 6, 2011

Couture Brushes

I spent a considerable amount of time this past weekend on a makeup shopping spree!  I got a few items from Target and CVS as well as from Urban Decay and M.A.C.  I needed a new powder brush for my bronzer.  I've learned a new technique to applying bronzer
(sharing soon!), which doesn't require me to use fanned out brushes - which I currently own.  A simple powder brush will do just fine.

I found this Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush by Sonia Kashuk at Target as part of the Brush Couture collection.  I love the colors and design of the handle.  Very couture, right?  I also bought an Eyeshadow Brush in the same design.  The flat top Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush was $10.99 and the Eyeshadow Brush was $7.99 (plus tax, of course).  For just under $20, I got two cute couture brushes!  If you go to Sephora or a high end brand at a department store, brushes can cost at least $15-20.  Since I consider bronzer and eyeshadow accessories to my basic makeup, I don't see why I need to spend $20 per brush.  Plus, the design makes these brushes stand out in my makeup bag.

I've used them last few days, and I like them so far, especially the multipurpose brush for my bronzer!  It's a limited edition collection, so check them out at your local Target stores!

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