Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Keep Your Products Up-To-Date!

Last night, I was on cleaning mode after work and going to the gym (where I found the energy, I have no idea, but I did have my first Shake Shack burger and fries last night; so maybe that's it? lol).  And while on this cleaning spree, I focused on the bathroom, which lead to the medicine cabinet, which lead to the cabinets underneath the sink and above the toilet, which ultimately lead to my dresser and makeup train case.  Phew!

Anyway, I was so focused on throwing old products and products I simply didn't use anymore.  I had two plastic bags full of stuff!  Anyway, this lead me to write about expiration dates on beauty products for Potpourri Wednesday!  I've learned these tips from the many times I've visited makeup counters, Sephora, and read magazines.  I figured I'd give my two cents on what I've learned.  If you have any tips, feel free to share in the comments!

Mascara - Throw away after 3-4 months.  Mascara giveth you fabulous eyes, but it also taketh bacteria from the outside and from your hairs when you place the brush back into its container.

Deodorant - Some actually have an expiration date, but generally after a year (if it's not all used up before then)

Nail Polish - If it's been sitting on your dresser or in a cabinet untouched, if the lacquer has separated and formed its own layer, give it a shake; if the lacquer barely moves, toss it.  The lacquer part has thickened and hardened.  You can also check for faded color.

Eyeliner Pencils - Generally after 1-2 years.  If you're a frequent user of a pencil, be sure to sharpen it at least once a week.  Doing this will keep it fresh and make your eyeliner last longer.  We don't want any bacteria buildup or dirt on something we apply around our eyes! 

Powders - I believe some have expiration dates on them too.  For example, my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil has a month/year expiration date on the bottom.  If there are now expiration dates, again generally 1-2 years.

Keep your makeup and beauty products away from direct sunlight and/or heat.  Make use of cosmetic/toiletries bags, cabinets, and drawers.  If you're beauty junkie like me, you know how to make space for your favorite stuff.  If you need more storage, all the more to go out and buy yourself a train case or cute makeup bags!

Also, make sure to clean your brushes.  I try to do this once a week, but it's more like once a month.  Either way, get in the habit of washing your tools!  Dirt or bacteria buildup on your tools ends up in your product, which ultimately ends up on your face.  We don't want that, do we? :)

If you've held on to a product that you haven't used in the last three to four months, just toss it.  If it's one that you would like to try again later, just dot down the brand, color, etc.  I have a running list of makeup products that I currently use and a list of products to try (or try again) on my Ipod Touch and Blackberry.  That way, when I'm in a store, my list is easily accessible!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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