Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just think 'Bright!'

Summer is here (well, officially)!  Summer is one of my favorite seasons, because of the bright colors, the vacations, and my birthday!  The days are longer, and relaxing and being lazy are perpetually on your to-do list.  If you're on a budget like me, you can't always buy every new summer trend out there.  I know I'd be broke.  One way to create a summer look is bright colored nail polish!  I've got a few colors that would be great for the summer (if you start this June, you can try a new color through September).

I experimented with Happy Go Lucky nail polish by China Glaze mid-Spring.  I was feeling bold that day in the nail salon.  By the end of my mani/pedi, I loved the color!  It certainly was a step outside my comfort zone of pinks/reds/berries/neutrals, but the outcome was a refreshing pop of color!  And every time I admire the color, there was always a smile on my face!

One of my staples is OPI's Party In My Cabana.  It's a bright pink, with a slight hint of coral.  It matches my color scheme for the summer, since I love pinks and corals!  After several attempts (with my point-and-shoot Canon powershot, I was able to capture the color pretty well! (hmm, something to add to my Birthday wish list, a DSLR, lol ;))

Two colors I can't wait to try this summer is a bright beach blue/teal for my fingernails and glitter silver on the toes!  I think the pair would look great for a night out!  What do you think?

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