Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vera Bradley's Fall Collection 2011

Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend Tiara Galleries' Vera Bradley Fall Collection Launch Party!  Of course, they used pretty VB stationery for the invitations.  What's even more exciting about this particular launch party is that the daughter of Vera Bradley and Brand Ambassador, Joan Bradley Reedy, will be a guest at this Rockville store, and I'll have the chance to meet her!  What's even more exciting is that I can finally make it to a launch party!  I've racked up so many days of leave; I have no summer classes getting in the way; and, the event is happening just two days after my birthday!  Hopefully, I'll get some birthday money to spend *wink*.  They've asked guests to bring our oldest VB patterned item. 
This was my first VB handbag in Bermuda Blue (a college graduation gift from a family friend) circa 2005.

Sneak Peek at VB's Fall Collection 2011 (See swatches below too!)

I've been a huge fan of Vera Bradley since the early 2000s.  I remember noticing VB totes around my high school in Georgetown, because it seemed like every other girl had a VB.  I guess back then their patterns didn't appeal to me.  But, as of late, VB has come out with fun, modern patterns and color schemes as well as very functional handbag and accessories pieces to keep up with the always changing fashion and style industry.  I find many of their products to be very functional; in addition, if you're into their accessories items (like ID wallets and cosmetic cases), they add a fun pop of color to your everyday black tote or handbag.  I am always looking forward to their latest collection!  I also love the fact that they support breast cancer awareness, by designating a pattern, where a portion of the proceeds go to research.

Mocha Rouge

Safari Sunset

Plum Petals

Happy Snails

Photo Credits: Vera Bradley Inside Stitch

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  1. Due to an unexpected surgery, Joan Reedy will not be in attendance. Instead, the guest will be Catherine Hill, executive director of Vera Bradley Foundation!! Still exciting :)