Monday, May 3, 2010


Welcome to MakeUp Actually! I am a 20-something young professional here to write about one of my favorite things in the world: make-up and all that it embodies - beauty, style, art, self-confidence. I decided to start this blog to share with you what makes me happy. In today's world, we hear more often than we want all the crazy, sad, horrible happenings than we do happy, fun, warm-hearted ones. It is our reality, but there's no sense in us dwelling every second, minute, hour of our day on those things. It does a body AND a mind good to focus on YOU and your happiness and well-being. Health is wealth**, right?

This blog is also here to chronicle my experiences and discoveries and reveal what make-up products
actually work (see the connection with the Blog name? If you thought it resembled the movie title Love Actually, you're right too!). Make-up will be my primarily subject in my blog posts, but I will also throw in a confetti of fun stuff - beauty tips, products for the guys, etc.


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