Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Potpourri Wednesday

I thought it was appropriate to take a break right in the middle of the week (Happy Hump Day!) to talk about my other favorite thing to buy: handbags and their accessories!

I have a pretty big collection of handbags, wristlets, and wallets.  Today, I will talk about two wristlets that I really like.  From my experience, a wristlet has to function like a mini-handbag.  It has to be able to carry your wallet essentials (ID, credit/debit cards, cash, some coins), lip balm/lip gloss, keys, and the never-leave-home-without-it cell phone.

Wristlets come in all shapes, sizes and styles.  Where you are going or what you'll be doing determines which one you'll use.  For example, I own a Coach wristlet that fits only my cell phone and a few cards and cash, and lip balm.  I usually use this when I attend Sunday service.  Even among the different sizes, shapes and styles, you still want to have that one wristlet that carries all the essentials.  I'll admit it, this is the justification I tell myself when I'm shopping and see something I like.  How many times have you said "This [insert item] is the one.  The [item you already own] doesn't have this..."

I found that there are two wristlets by Coach that fit the essentials.  If you agree with me, one of them might just be your next purchase.

First up is the Coach Zip-Around Wallet.  It is a typical zip-around wallet with credit card slots, bill compartment and a zippered coin pocket inside.  Two features make this an ideal wristlet.  First, because all the pockets and slots are along the sides of the wallet, there's enough space in the middle to place your cell phone, small lip gloss/balm, and two keys.  Second, this wallet has a 14" strap with a dog-leash fastener.  Voila, the wallet is now a wristlet!  I really like it because of it organized interior (and two exterior pockets) and its boxy shape.  With all the stuff inside, this wristlet doesn't lose its shape.

Second is the Coach Signature Large Wristlet.  This wristlet has two compartments - an outside front zippered pocket and the main zippered compartment.  Unlike the Zip-Around Wallet, there are no slots or pockets inside.  This can actually be a good thing, because you are not restricted to that organization; however, you should add your own organization to maximize the room.  I recommend a slim card case (found in any men's accessory section) to organize the cards and bills.  For your coins, I recommend those small zip lock bags because they're cheap and don't add bulk to your wristlet.  If you want a slim wallet that holds cards, bills, and coins, I like the Hobo International Euro Slide
     This wristlet is great if you want to carry a little more than the essentials I mentioned.  Also, opposite the strap, there is a metal ring where you can attach one end of the strap to convert it into small handbag!

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