Monday, May 17, 2010

The New Workout Plan

And by plan, I mean a regiment to taking care of your face before and after workouts, dance practices, dodgeball games, hot yoga, etc.  We lose a lot of toxins, oils, and electrolytes during any physical activity, thus it's important to bring your body back to its normal states.  And that includes your face!

Use Neutrogena Deep Clean Sport Facial Cleanser.  Its leak-proof compact container allows you to throw it in your bag and not worry about spills or about taking up space.  It has a light, refreshing formula and does a good job at removing make-up before a workout and removing excess oils and such after a workout.  This cute, boxy leak-proof container holds about 60 washes!  This product is part of Neutrogena's new Sport cleansing line, so check out their wipes and body wash too!

After the face wash, I recommend a facial spray versus your moisturizer.  Even though you finished working out, the skin is still trying to return to equilibrium, which means the pores are still working to get rid of stuff.  Maybe you've noticed that even after you stop moving around and your heart rate is back to normal, you're still sweating.  After the face wash, you want to keep your skin hydrated and moist, but yet keep the pores open.  A facial spray does just that.  Clinique's Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief is my favorite right now.  The spray hydrates your skin with aloe (no oils!).  Also, this facial spray is good under your makeup should you need to powder up and look like you didn't just come from the gym or played flag football.

1.  Always remove makeup before you workout.  Really, you're at the gym!  If you're worried about how you look, you seriously aren't there to "workout".  Your skin will thank you later.
2.  This quick pre/post workout routine shouldn't replace your daily facial washing/moisturizing routine.  This is just a quick way to clean and hydrate your skin, so you look and feel refreshed!

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