Friday, May 7, 2010

It Takes Two

If you're like me, you probably don't pay much attention to your eyebrows until it is waxing or threading time. As long as they are nicely shaped and trimmed, what more do they need, right? Wrong.

Last year, I was approached by a Sephora makeup artist floating around the store, and she asked me if I have ever used a brow maintenance kit. With the exception of the occasional use of a brow brush, I said no. According to her, enhancing the color and shape and brushing some of the outliers in place will make a world of difference to my look. I was skeptical, but I agreed to a quick tutorial. She introduced me to the Anastasia brand that specializes on eyebrows. What was really helpful was that she actually recommended that I NOT spend the $75 on the kit, especially if I already have my eyebrows waxed/threaded by someone.  She used only ONE item from the kit - Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil - a pencil on one end and a brow brush on the other end. Two tools for $22! Now, that is a price I can live with. Some pencils are too greasy or creamy. This pencil actually has a waxy feel, which, I think, helps it last throughout the day.
The makeup artist first brushed my eyebrows. Then, she used the pencil to lightly fill in the sparse areas. Lastly, she used the brow gel from the kit.  Brow gels are mainly used to keep the hairs in place.  For a brow gel, she recommended that I use Maybelline Great Lash Washable Clear Mascara, and the price for this substitute: $5!

Anastasia All About Brows Kit:  $75 at Sephora (suggested retail price $141)

Anastasia pencil/brush and Maybelline mascara:  $27

Fun Fact Friday
Eyebrows once served a primitive survival function. As humans evolved, eyebrows are now known as an "umbrella" for the eyes. The arch/shape of our eyebrows help protect our eyes from raindrops and the salty sweat that drips from our foreheads.


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