Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'll take my cereal in an Obol, please :)

Have you ever left your crispy cereal and returned to a bowl of soggy cereal?  Then you have to try the Obol.  My brother convinced me to order the 3-pack (one for me, one for him, and an extra; the 3-pack also came with free shipping).  It arrived yesterday and had a bowl as soon as I got home.  I love it!

The Obol implements the "swoop n scoop" technique.  You place the cereal in the top tier, and the milk in the lower/bowl part.  When you want a spoonful, you "swoop" the cereal into the milk and scoop!  The Obol keeps the cereal and milk separated the whole time.  The only time they are mixed is when you're ready for a scoop.  A crispy bite everytime!  No more soggy cereal!  So simple, yet GENIUS! It also has a handy grip at the bottom (see pictures).  The flat bottom allows you to lay the bowl on your lap or while in bed.  The bowl works for soup and crackers and milk and cookies :)

The bowl is a bit larger than what I'm used to, but I actually don't mind because I eat a lot of cereal :).  It only comes in white/ivory.  It's dishwasher safe, food safe (made of BPA free polypropylene), and made in the USA.

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